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One Fine Canine specializes only in double coated shedding breeds that benefit from having their coats "Carded,"  "Pet Stripped" and "De-shedded."  There are no shave-downs here.

Grooming Terminology:

"Stripping and Carding" are grooming techniques that remove excess or dead coat, without cutting, leaving a very natural finish. Only certain breed types should be stripped/carded: terriers, spaniels, setters, wirehair pointers are some.

To "De-shed" a coat is to remove dead/packed/shedding undercoat and sometimes topcoat of all shedding breeds of dogs. This is most often associated with breeds such as pugs, collies, aussies, shepherds, labs, etc.

Benefits of Carding, Stripping and De-Shedding:

 While I do not provide full body stripping for show dogs, I do strive to maintain high standards of pet dog grooming. I do card some pet's coats to help maintain or to help restore the natural coat texture and to help promote healthy skin and coats. Over time a coat that is just being shaved/cut off can be ruined. The texture softens, the color fades, and the coat becomes thicker and packed making the dog very uncomfortable. This also makes the coat harder to maintain. Trimming the coat without carding can also cause skin problems common especially common in Terriers and Spaniels. With de-shedding/carding/stripping of the excess/dead coat I can help your dog look and feel its best. And, in some cases improve skin health. 
Coats that are regularly de-shedded, carded/stripped are actually easier to maintain at home.


                                          Before and After:

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Make Over:
                             Before carding/stripping

 after stripping/carding with 4 weeks of undercoat growth removed.

A Welsh Terrier Make Over:
Here is a pet Welsh Terrier during the carding process with a pile of his undercoat.

Here is the same Welsh Terrier after finishing the pet groom. His coat is clipped to finish, but his coat is not packed with dead coat and his skin is healthier due to being carded.

#1-"Full Groom Service:"

(This service is for longhaired dogs that shed and require trimming.)

Includes: A warm bath with spa quality shampoos and conditioners that are tailored to your pet’s skin and coat needs. Nails trimmed and filed.  Ears are checked and cleaned/plucked as recommended by your Veterinarian.  Breed specific coat work is tailored to your lifestyle needs. Treats, a bow or bandana and lots of praise to top it off. 

Quotes for Full Groom Service:

"tiny dogs" under 10 lbs. Begin at $55.
(these dogs can be easily carried around all day. -Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon, Papillon, Japanese Chin)

"small dogs" 11 lbs-20 lbs. Begin at $60.
(these dogs can be carried around for short periods of time. - Mini Dachshund, Wirehair Jack Russel Terrier, Westie, Cairn Terrier)

"medium dogs" 21 lbs-35 lbs. Begin at $70.
(these dogs can be picked up to be put in car or on a table. -Pekingese, small Spaniels, Welsh Terrier, Mini Aussies, Shelties, Keeshund) 

"intermediate dogs" 36 lbs-50 lbs. Begin at $80.
(lifting requires help from the dog, Irish Terrier, larger Spaniels, small Border Collies)

"large dogs" 51 lbs-80 lbs. Begin at $90.
(requires the dog to walk up and down a platform to get in and out of tub. requires dog to step up onto table. -Airedale Terrier, small Setters, Australian Shepherds)

"XL dogs 81+ lbs. Begin at $100.
(requires the dog to walk up and down a platform to get in and out of tub. requires dog to step up onto table. - Rough Collies, large Setters, Golden Retrievers)

*actual size of dog, behavior of dog, condition of coat and length of time required affects final price *

 I am only taking on clients who are willing to be on a 4-8 week pre-booked schedule. 
Schedule will be determined at your first appointment and is dependent on breed and amount of coat.

#2- "Shed-Less Service:"

(This service is for shorthaired dogs that shed, but do not need trimming.)

Did you know that there are two types of short haired dogs? 
There's the "single coat" and the "double coat." 
Double coated dogs have a secondary layer of fluff under their top coat....this fluffy undercoat is what you see all over your floors, furniture and clothing. Single coated dogs do not have this fluffy undercoat, but they do still shed.

This service includes a deep conditioning + coat releasing bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, and hand drying on the table- never in a cage. A bow or bandana and lots of treats and praise tops it off. 
80% or more of your dog's dead undercoat can be comfortably removed in one appointment. But being on a regular appointment schedule helps you then stay ahead of the excess shedding at home.

Dogs that come every 4-8 weeks are cooler, healthier, cleaner and shed much less at home. Toe nails are also more easily kept at a comfortable length. Toe nails allowed to grow too long become uncomfortable for your dog and dew claws can curl back into the dog's leg. Coats that are allowed to go longer without proper grooming get packed tight at the skin level which decreases air flow, causing the dog to become unable to effectively regulate his body temperature, develop skin issues, get matted easily and more likely to harbor fleas. Packed under coats can cause skin conditions.

Quotes for Shed-Less Service:

(dogs that have an obvious soft undercoat layer that sheds)

Small Dogs- 
Pug, Schipperke,
(up to 30 lbs.) $50

Medium Dogs-
Corgi, Beagle, Shiba Inu, etc.
(31-50 lbs.) $60

Large Dogs-
  Cattle Dog, Labradors, Chinese Shar Pei, etc. 
(51-70 lbs.) $70

XL Dogs- 
Shepherds, Labradors, etc.
(71 +lbs.) $80

(dogs that have a short, single layer of hair that sheds) 

Small Dogs
Chihuahua, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, etc.
 (up to 30 lbs.)   $45

Medium dogs- 
Basenji, Boxer, Whippet, Bulldog, etc. (31-50 lbs.)   $55

Large Dogs- 
Doberman, Boxer, Pointer, etc. (51-75 lbs.)  $65

*actual size of dog, behavior of dog, condition of coat and length of time required affects final price *

#3-"Puppy Intro Package:"
The most important groom of your puppy’s life is it's first groom!

To help your puppy have a good experience at the groomer please brush, comb and handle all areas of your pup daily.  This is an important part of raising and training a puppy.  This is best done when your puppy is tired and ready to be calm. A content puppy is more accepting of body handling.
Your pup’s first experience to the scissors, clippers and dryers, if not done with its breeder, should be done with a professional by 4 months of age.
Includes:  A Package of 3 pre-scheduled short appointments. Each appointment introduces your pup to various grooming experiences, at the puppy's pace. Puppies are never forced to endure an experience they are not confident enough to handle. Experiences include: body handling, a warm bath and fluff drying, the sounds and the feel of clippers and dryers, brushes, combs and scissors. We build up to trimming the face, feet, nails and sanitary areas as needed. Topped off with a bow or bandana and lots of praise. We want your puppy to grow up to be a confident, well mannered adult dog, on and off the grooming table.

A Puppy Intro Package Review:

"As a former puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes For the Blind Organization, I knew about the importance of socializing young puppies to new situations at an early age.  After my family got our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, a breed that requires regular grooming & carding, I scheduled several “Puppy Intro” visits for him to visit Beth at One Fine Canine Professional Grooming Salon.  I wanted to make sure that my dog was relaxed and comfortable with the groomer, as I had heard many stories of dogs being very stressed or uncooperative when they were groomed.

The first few visits were short, as my puppy got to experience many new sights, smells and sensations:  sitting in the tub and watching the water spray from the hose, standing on the table and having his toes touched, feeling the warm air blow from the dryer, being brushed and combed.  Beth worked slowly and patiently with him, making sure to end each session before he became stressed or overwhelmed, giving him lots of gentle praise and encouragement, and rewarding him with tasty treats!  At the end of each session, Beth often gave me things that I could work on with my puppy at home to make things easier the next time, such as getting him used to standing on a table or touching his ears gently.

As the sessions progressed, the appointments got longer and Beth began to introduce my puppy to the different aspects of being professionally groomed.  He became more confident and relaxed, which made the sessions more enjoyable for both him and Beth!  Beth has become one of my dog’s favorite people and he looks forward to his regular grooming sessions with her!

I highly recommend starting your puppy on the journey to being a well-groomed dog as soon as possible, and Puppy Intro sessions are a great way to start!" -Pam Boy.

*for pups 8 weeks to 5 months. Older pups or pups needing full body trimming will require a full groom price.

Puppy Intro Package: $45. Includes: 3 pre-scheduled appointments, each set 1-2 weeks apart. Each appointment is 30-45 minutes long.
($45 to be paid at the time of first prescheduled appointment. Non-refundable.)

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