Do you groom all breeds? 

Not any longer. I now specialize only in double coated, wire coated and broken coated shedding breeds. I am no longer taking on curly or single coated breeds such as Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Doodles, and like coated breeds.
Here are some examples of the breeds I specialize in: Hounds, Pomeranians, Pekingese, Tibetan Spaniels, Papillons, Japanese Chin, Corgi, Chihuahuas, Terriers, Dachshunds, Setters, Retrievers, Spaniels, Pugs, Shetland Sheepdogs, Collies, Aussies, Keeshond, Borzoi, Afghan Hounds, to name a few.

Do you accept dogs that don't like to be groomed?

After 30+ years of dog grooming my body can no longer tolerate grooming dogs who wrestle against the grooming process. I now only accept dogs who are well behaved for the entire grooming process. This includes, bathing, drying with a hand held dryer, combing, clipper work, etc. Large breeds must be willing and able to walk up the platform into and out of the tub without wrestling against me. (behaviors that disqualify a dog from being a client here: growling, biting, trying to escape the tub or table.)

Why am I expected to keep my dog on a 4-8 week pre-booked schedule to be a client here?

Dogs that are professionally groomed every 4-8 weeks are cooler, cleaner, and shed much less at home. Coats that are allowed to go longer without proper grooming become packed tight at the skin which which decreases air flow causing the dog to be unable to regulate it's body temperature correctly, can develop skin issues and more easily harbor fleas and ticks. Getting groomed on a regular 4-8 week schedule helps me stay ahead of the undercoat and prevent excessive shedding, allowing your dog to stay much more comfortable. This regular schedule also helps me keep those toe nails at a reasonably comfortable length. The average dog cannot effectively wear down his own nails and they must be trimmed to prevent over growth.

Do You Groom Full Time Outdoor Dogs? 

Sorry, no I do not. These coats are very hard on our equipment. Many pet stores now offer self serve dog wash stations for owners to use. 

Do you expect a tip?

While all tips are appreciated, they are never expected. ;)

Can I stay with my dog while he is being groomed?

Sorry, no. Just like children behave better for teachers when mom and dad are not present, dogs also behave better. And legally, our insurance plan does not allow it. You can however, sit in the driveway and wait in your car.

Do you offer doggie day care or boarding?

Sorry, no. I pride myself in providing a low stress environment in which your dog only stays as long as his grooming appointment lasts. Please be on time for picking up your dog.

How long will my dog's grooming appointment take?

A small sized dog typically is completed in an hour and a half- to two hours. Upon dropping off your dog for his appointment we will let you know how long it should take and give you a pick up time.

Do you offer show dog hand stripping services?

While I do strive to achieve a natural and show like breed standard groom, I do not do full body hand strips for show dogs. I do, however, card out and lightly strip coats that will benefit from these techniques, but only as much as your dog is comfortable with. These coat types should be carded/stripped every 3-6 weeks to be effective.

Do you accept credit cards?

Cash, Zelle or Check only.

Do you groom cats, guinea pigs or rabbits?

Sorry, no. Cats and rabbits and Guinea Pigs have very thin skin and require special treatment which I am not trained to handle. Please see a groomer or Vet who specializes in them.

Why is my dog still shedding after his "Shed-Less" or "Carding" Service?

It is nearly impossible to get all of the dead coat in one appointment and we only expect a dog to stand in the tub and on the table for grooming for a reasonable amount of time. Many breeds shed all year round. While we strive to remove as much undercoat as possible during your dog's appointment, we cannot expect to get it all at once. The best course of action is a regular grooming schedule. Once we find a schedule that works for your dog's coat needs, you will see a more consistent difference in the amount of shedding in your home. It is also important to note that hormones/health/weather also effect when and how much an individual dog will shed. Generally dogs go home having had 80-90% of their shedding problem relieved. the more regularly a dog comes in, the easier it is to control the shedding.