K. Moore writes:
"We adopted Millie from a Professional Miniature Schnauzer Breeder when she was 7 months old. She had only ever been hand stripped in the traditional showing technique, and we knew it would be difficult to find comparable grooming quality once we brought her home. After some research, we discovered Beth with One Fine Canine who prides her work in small breed terrier grooming. 

Beth is so committed to the quality of her work, Millie's first appointment lasted almost three hours! Beth took the time to groom and card Millie while also being mindful of her timid temperament, realizing it was their first time together. Beth is mindful of the degree of trust required in her relationship with her four-legged clients, and meets you at your vehicle for both drop-off and pick-up to ensure focused and safe grooming. Since working with Beth, Millie's coat has retained its soft and wiry natural state, and she actually looks forward to seeing Beth every 6 weeks. 

After seeing Millie groomed from her Breeder, I can confidently say that Beth's work is comparable to that of a showing professional. One Fine Canine truly is a "low volume, high quality" grooming salon!"


C. Gay writes:
"Beth does a great job with our Welsh terrier, Willy! It’s very difficult to find a groomer who is skilled in grooming a terrier properly. Over the past 2 years, Beth has done wonderful. She specializes in “Carding” which a type of “hand stripping” that pulls the underneath coat out from the terrier’s coat. 
I’ll never forget the first time I met Beth, she did a ton of research on Welsh Terriers and even had a picture of a welsh terrier at a dog show to review the breed standards and discussed how we would like Willy to be groomed. Her dedication to her work, our dog’s safety and kindness certainly shows. I truly recommend her to anyone!"


P. Boy writes: 
"We have been bringing our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to One Fine Canine Professional Grooming Salon regularly for the past year. Our dog, Dickens, absolutely loves coming to visit Beth and is always immaculate and well-groomed after his appointment.
We began bringing Dickens when he was only 10 weeks old, for regular
“Puppy Intro” visits until his adult coat came in and he needed adult grooming. It was so valuable to expose him to the sights, smells, sounds and sensations of the grooming salon, and Beth did an absolutely wonderful job socializing him to the different procedures in a positive and fun way. Beth also gave me advice on how to help his body sensitivity at home, and now Dickens is so happy and comfortable being groomed! With Beth’s recommendations on what grooming tools and techniques to use at home between his grooming visits, Dickens’ coat has been beautiful, soft and mat-free!
I whole-heartedly recommend Beth and One Fine Canine Professional Grooming Salon to anyone!"

P. Hinton writes: "Beth does a wonderful job grooming. She has groomed a few of my English Cocker Spaniel pups for their owners and even though they are pets, she wants them to look like their breed type. Beth does stripping and carding for those breeds needing that skill. She focuses one on one and is not a high volume shave them down salon as many pet groomers would do.
I highly recommend her. Sorry she is leaving our area and moving South."

One Fine Canine Professional Dog Grooming Salon. Pickens, South Carolina.