Grooming Policies


Drop Off/Pick Up Times:

Each client has a private appointment with a drop off and pick up time. Please be on time for both. We will tell you what time to pick up your dog when you arrive for your appointment and we have evaluated your dog. Please plan your day accordingly. 

Leash Requirements:

For their safety, all dogs/puppies must be in a carrier or on a -4-6 foot leash. 
Carrying your puppy or adult dog in your arms without an attached leash is not acceptable. We want your dog to be safe while you visit here.

Scheduling Requirements:

We are only taking on clients who are willing to be on a 4-8 week pre-booked schedule. Length of time will be determined at your first appointment. 

Vaccination Requirements:

I am not a Veterinarian and am not qualified to tell you which vaccines your dog should have or the timing of a vaccination schedule. However, I do expect that your dog/puppy sees a Veterinarian regularly and is healthy when he visits here. 

Forms of Payment:

We accept cash, Venmo or PayPal.

Fleas and Ticks:

It is our policy here at that all dogs be on a Vet recommended flea and tick preventative all year. 
Our salon is located within our home and we do not want to take the chance of infestation. thank you for helping us with this.

Breath Freshening/Tooth Brushing:

Tooth brushing is an important part of your dog's over all health. We no longer offer this service as tooth brushing is only effective if it is done at home regularly.  
In the best interest of your pet, if your dog has bad breath/tartar build up/inflamed gums it is best to seek veterinary advice before having a brushing service done. Brushing a dog's teeth that has bleeding gums can introduce the infection to the blood stream.

Anal Sacs:

It is our policy that we do not attempt to express anal sacs. There are too many risks involved and its best left to a veterinary professional.

Ear health and Plucking:

Ears are checked and cleaned as needed during an appointment. Ears that are packed with hair can lead to infection since air cannot circulate in the canal. We do pluck ears if your personal Veterinarian advises it, but we will only pluck as much in one grooming session as your dog is comfortable with. IF your dog appears to have an ear infection we will skip ear plucking until you seek veterinary treatment. 
Does your dog's inner ear look gooey or crusty? Or swollen and red? Is your dog shaking his head or scratching at his ears a lot? Does it sound like there is water in his ear when you massage it? Does the ear smell bad? Chances are high that he has an infection. Please seek veterinary care.

Before your grooming appointment, we recommend that you speak to your Vet about your dog's needs as each Vet varies in how to approach ear care.   

Special Handling:

Dogs known to bite or who require medicine to be groomed safely are not accepted here. 
Owners whose dogs have an appointment but prove to be extremely difficult to groom safely will be charged $30 extra. The groomer reserves the right to end the grooming appointment if the dog's or the groomer’s safety is in question.  The owner is still responsible to pay for the grooming service in full.
(behaviors include but not limited to: trying to slip out of it's collar or leash, growling, biting, snapping, mock biting, wrestling or struggling to get away in a manner that is out of control, attempting to jump off table or out of tub, etc. If you cannot handle every part of your dog's body without these behaviors- don't ask your groomer to. 
All dogs must be leash trained and willingly accept being touched all over their body to be groomed here at One Fine Canine. 
PUPPIES: I highly recommend you schedule a "Puppy Intro Package" so we can help you work on your puppy's good manners and acceptance of body handling and grooming.

Shave Downs/Mat removal:

New Policy: We no longer shave down dogs. If your dog's coat is matted all over (not just a small mat behind it's ears) please see your veterinarian.
"De-matting" or shaving a dog’s matted body is stressful and an uncomfortable experience for your pet. It can also lead to health complications when the mats are tight to the skin for a prolonged period of time. To avoid putting your dog through this please regularly COMB your dog’s coat through to the skin. Generally a medium tooth, metal dog comb is best for this task.
This dog's coat is too matted to groom. If you cannot get a comb through the coat and part it down to the skin, I cannot groom it.

This coat is not matted and can be combed right down to the skin. This dog is more comfortable and cooler due to being mat-free.

If your dog is completely matted to the skin, please see your veterinarian.